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Hey people, just a friendly message to let you know we’ll be reactivating subscriptions 24 hours from now,

So if you’re not interested in continued support, please unsubscribe before we kick off.

We dont want your money if you dont want us to have it 🙂

As mentioned in previous posts, we didnt feel right about running the subscriptions when not much was happening, we feel we’re back at a pace that while slow is a little more consistent now.

<3 termi.


sidenote: the new patreon link is as we’re formally dropping the idea of Dystopia 2, and moving to DYS as our base,

Quickest update ever

Woo radio silence, if nothing else it allows work without distraction.

Heres a quick recap of our current dev status.

Shortly after Mattias bailed things sorta sat for a little while but after that we continued on without a coder,
but due to the magic of ue4 progress is pushing along

Heres what we’ve gotten done since then.

+ Engine update to 4.14 (4.15 will happen but not yet)
+ team framework
+ class framework
+ LOTS of core stuff done, including
+ pregame-game-postgame,
+ map voting,
+ server browsing
+ setting persistence
+ core weapons code for both hitscan
+ core weapons code and beam weaps
+ character customisation framework
+ multiplayer replication for all of the above
+ custom movement core
+ tdm test mode

We’re quickly getting to the //DYS specific work at this stage which is great news

I cant always guarantee constant overly wordy / flashy blog posts, I will however show progress when its happening.

<3 termi

Position Opening : C++ / UE4 Programmer

Position Opening : Dystopia 2 Developer (Programmer)

We are the team of Dystopia 2 and are looking for a new developer.You will work in a small team and can choose how much time you contribute to the project.


This is not a paid job, none of us are getting paid for this project, Though there will be renumeration for tools required as provided by the community, if we start making money, you do too

What we do

We work on the successor of Dystopia as an independent team. The game will run in Unreal Engine 4.

What you should know

We have a lot of groundwork prepared for you. Many game systems are implemented but not tested yet.You need to continue the work of our former developer. He will guide you through the existing sources.The new game will have many changes and new features. For more information ask Tim when you apply.

What you will do

  • Work in a small team
  • Work independent in your role
  • Plan and program a game in UE4
  • Program in C++
  • Meet many people of the old team
  • Help Decide how the game changes

Essential Prerequesites

  • C++ Coding
  • SVN Knowledge
  • At least 1 Previous game development project

Helpful But not Essential

  • UE4 Experience
  • Dystopia 1 Experience
  • Previously Released Game Titles


Real Life

Read More

When I came up with the idea to start a Dystopia successor, I was in a Game Development course in college. I had no child and a lot of time. Life changes, though…

I need to finish my bachelor degree, get a full-time job afterward and raise my daughter. Plans change every day.

I’ve owned a computer since I was 10 years old – was always a hardcore gamer – but life changes. It is time to move on – get rid of time wasters and concentrate on important stuff. I wish I could finish this game, but right now, this is not an option.

I’ve been thinking about this for months and talked to Tim today. I told him that I will leave the team as a developer. I don’t have time for this project and need to reprioritize my life. I will stay in touch with the team and guide other developers through the code.

The game needs your help! If you know anyone who wants to help make this game, contact me or Tim.


Another quick update

so we’ve been keeping the wheels turning, just realised we neglected to post here but posted on the patreon


heres what you missed:


test shot corp med head

Hey all, just a quick update on our progress, we’re still at it, Mattias has been busy coding, Feanix & I’ve been busy modelling, the chipping away continues,

Attached above is a test shot with one of our head scans, surprise surprise, we’re gonna have male and female heads as an option for at least the mediums and lights, no the armor isnt going to be different, its bulky armor 🙂

Also we’ve added the new Patron+Discord Integration so if you’re a supporter you can show off your awesomeness inside the discord server, just be sure to hit up your patreon settings page at to link things up.

News comments feature removed

Another quick post to let you know we’ve removed comments from the news page, if you wanna talk about a news post we suggest you do it in the community forums.

We’ve done this mainly because we didnt want to duplicate communication methods across the site

New Dystopia2 Discord Chat

We’ve just finished setting/moving all our Dystopia 2 chat/voice systems to use Discord Chat .

If you dont know discord, It’s essentially a combination voice/text chat service, and its free, we’re all idling in there, so come say hi 🙂

A note for supporters : If you’ve got supporter room access, let us know so we let you you in there too.

Concept Art: Corp Medium

It’s time to show you some concept art that our dear Benedict Katoglou worked on.

The first character we chose to be concepted was the Corp Medium. Our approach on Dystopia 2 is to start with a white paper for the characters and let everybody throw in their ideas. 

So here is the first draft of our conception workflow:


As you can see Benedict took all the ideas and made first drawings. The first draft is pretty close to the old Dystopia character compared to the rest. After more discussions he came up with this:


This version was more about detail and the general look of the armor. He also experimented with the shoulder pads and slightly altered details of the rest of the outfits. The team had a look at this draft and gave some feedback. Ben also looked at the old models from Dystopia and came up with this:


The third concept has much more detail than the others. Ben nailed down the general look and feel of the character.


This art is the semi final version of the new Corp Medium character. Now it’s all about useful armor parts and helmets. We requested some alternatives of the armor details.

Concept: Corp Medium

Here Ben delivered four new drawings. The two on the right side have another chest design. There is also some variation on the leg pockets.

That’s it for now – I hope you like the concept as much as we do.