Welcome To DYS

DYS will be a First-Person Multiplayer FPS which throws the player into a gritty Cyberpunk world, the game features dual world gameplay between the real world and the underlying data networks.

The game is developed independently by a very small team in their spare time; because of this, we only post and talk about things when we're ready as to avoid disappointment.

Progress Continues

Development continues, no public announcements to be made, Consider this the bare minimum public disclosure of process

Discord is available for those that need additional access

Have a good day

https enabled

Our site is hosted by github, up until recently when using a custom domain you couldnt have https, github recently changed this

So now we have https enabled

Have a good day


Parent company DYS TEAM has been established!

Full ownership has been registered with all parties involved and work is continuing on behind the scenes. Stay tuned for updates!

New Website

Welcome to our new website, content pipes can be found above and below.

This site will be updated intermittantly with announcements.

Please Hold

Please hold, current stream signal quality is being refined.

Note: This is not an error on the providers end, as such extended error support is not available.

Note: If your data stream continues to require refinement please contact your local Datatrust representative for guidance.