Resuming subscriptions

Hey people, just a friendly message to let you know we’ll be reactivating subscriptions 24 hours from now,

So if you’re not interested in continued support, please unsubscribe before we kick off.

We dont want your money if you dont want us to have it 🙂

As mentioned in previous posts, we didnt feel right about running the subscriptions when not much was happening, we feel we’re back at a pace that while slow is a little more consistent now.

<3 termi.


sidenote: the new patreon link is as we’re formally dropping the idea of Dystopia 2, and moving to DYS as our base,

Position Opening : C++ / UE4 Programmer

Position Opening : Dystopia 2 Developer (Programmer)

We are the team of Dystopia 2 and are looking for a new developer.You will work in a small team and can choose how much time you contribute to the project.


This is not a paid job, none of us are getting paid for this project, Though there will be renumeration for tools required as provided by the community, if we start making money, you do too

What we do

We work on the successor of Dystopia as an independent team. The game will run in Unreal Engine 4.

What you should know

We have a lot of groundwork prepared for you. Many game systems are implemented but not tested yet.You need to continue the work of our former developer. He will guide you through the existing sources.The new game will have many changes and new features. For more information ask Tim when you apply.

What you will do

  • Work in a small team
  • Work independent in your role
  • Plan and program a game in UE4
  • Program in C++
  • Meet many people of the old team
  • Help Decide how the game changes

Essential Prerequesites

  • C++ Coding
  • SVN Knowledge
  • At least 1 Previous game development project

Helpful But not Essential

  • UE4 Experience
  • Dystopia 1 Experience
  • Previously Released Game Titles


News comments feature removed

Another quick post to let you know we’ve removed comments from the news page, if you wanna talk about a news post we suggest you do it in the community forums.

We’ve done this mainly because we didnt want to duplicate communication methods across the site

New Dystopia2 Discord Chat

We’ve just finished setting/moving all our Dystopia 2 chat/voice systems to use Discord Chat .

If you dont know discord, It’s essentially a combination voice/text chat service, and its free, we’re all idling in there, so come say hi 🙂

A note for supporters : If you’ve got supporter room access, let us know so we let you you in there too.

Community pages online

Hey guys just a quick update on our progress so far

We’ve gotten both our chat channel & our community forums online, there could be a couple of teething problems but overall they should be functional, so jump in and start telling us what you want 🙂

We’ve also finalised the concept for the medium corp armor, completed the corp medium head, gotten the corp light head mostly done, worked on logo stuff, set up wordpress (but not the theme yet), Matthias has been busy as hell coding like a demon getting all the base code bits and pieces in place and we’ve also been doing a bunch of other stuff.

We look forward to updating you again soon including giving you something to look at 🙂