Quickest update ever

Woo radio silence, if nothing else it allows work without distraction.

Heres a quick recap of our current dev status.

Shortly after Mattias bailed things sorta sat for a little while but after that we continued on without a coder,
but due to the magic of ue4 progress is pushing along

Heres what we’ve gotten done since then.

+ Engine update to 4.14 (4.15 will happen but not yet)
+ team framework
+ class framework
+ LOTS of core stuff done, including
+ pregame-game-postgame,
+ map voting,
+ server browsing
+ setting persistence
+ core weapons code for both hitscan
+ core weapons code and beam weaps
+ character customisation framework
+ multiplayer replication for all of the above
+ custom movement core
+ tdm test mode

We’re quickly getting to the //DYS specific work at this stage which is great news

I cant always guarantee constant overly wordy / flashy blog posts, I will however show progress when its happening.

<3 termi

Another quick update

so we’ve been keeping the wheels turning, just realised we neglected to post here but posted on the patreon


heres what you missed:


test shot corp med head

Hey all, just a quick update on our progress, we’re still at it, Mattias has been busy coding, Feanix & I’ve been busy modelling, the chipping away continues,

Attached above is a test shot with one of our head scans, surprise surprise, we’re gonna have male and female heads as an option for at least the mediums and lights, no the armor isnt going to be different, its bulky armor 🙂

Also we’ve added the new Patron+Discord Integration so if you’re a supporter you can show off your awesomeness inside the discord server, just be sure to hit up your patreon settings page at https://patreon.com/settings/account to link things up.