Concept Art: Corp Medium

It’s time to show you some concept art that our dear Benedict Katoglou worked on.

The first character we chose to be concepted was the Corp Medium. Our approach on Dystopia 2 is to start with a white paper for the characters and let everybody throw in their ideas. 

So here is the first draft of our conception workflow:


As you can see Benedict took all the ideas and made first drawings. The first draft is pretty close to the old Dystopia character compared to the rest. After more discussions he came up with this:


This version was more about detail and the general look of the armor. He also experimented with the shoulder pads and slightly altered details of the rest of the outfits. The team had a look at this draft and gave some feedback. Ben also looked at the old models from Dystopia and came up with this:


The third concept has much more detail than the others. Ben nailed down the general look and feel of the character.


This art is the semi final version of the new Corp Medium character. Now it’s all about useful armor parts and helmets. We requested some alternatives of the armor details.

Concept: Corp Medium

Here Ben delivered four new drawings. The two on the right side have another chest design. There is also some variation on the leg pockets.

That’s it for now – I hope you like the concept as much as we do.

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