Quickest update ever

Woo radio silence, if nothing else it allows work without distraction.

Heres a quick recap of our current dev status.

Shortly after Mattias bailed things sorta sat for a little while but after that we continued on without a coder,
but due to the magic of ue4 progress is pushing along

Heres what we’ve gotten done since then.

+ Engine update to 4.14 (4.15 will happen but not yet)
+ team framework
+ class framework
+ LOTS of core stuff done, including
+ pregame-game-postgame,
+ map voting,
+ server browsing
+ setting persistence
+ core weapons code for both hitscan
+ core weapons code and beam weaps
+ character customisation framework
+ multiplayer replication for all of the above
+ custom movement core
+ tdm test mode

We’re quickly getting to the //DYS specific work at this stage which is great news

I cant always guarantee constant overly wordy / flashy blog posts, I will however show progress when its happening.

<3 termi

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